World Intellectual Property Day

By: Karimullah Adeni
April 25, 2014

Buiness RecorderEvery year we celebrate the World Intellectual Property on April 26. This will be my 14th IP day since its inception in 2001 over a period of so many years we have done different activities in line with the themes proposed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). This year WIPO has selected a very interesting and important theme "Movies a Global Passion". Technically the theme covers all areas of Intellectual Property ie creativity, technical, legal framework, trademarks and design, copyrights and patents. However, in a developing country like ours, we are still not very conversant with these issues relating to Intellectual Property. 

"Movies" is the most spoken and common topic. In today's Pakistan the influence of local film industry is non-existent when we discuss movies we talk about Bollywood or Hollywood. Due to this factor protection of IP rights for movies are also non-existent. Piracy is a crime only limited to IP law books! This is a very serious issue. All forms of creative arts need IP protection in order to safeguard the ongoing process of creativity. If we like to stand in a row of civilised nations then we need to educate ourselves and start following the existing IP laws. 

This is not a simple task. For achieving positive results we need to start from educating kindergarten children explaining them the importance and difference between originality and piracy and its moral effects. This IP Day let's join hands and make a resolution to stop using all pirated material, may it be a pirated movie or a play, listening to pirated music album, or using illicit and infringed artwork.