Syed Talib Ali Shah - FounderAli & Associates has been at the forefront of intellectual property law for 40 years but its history doesn’t begin there. The story of Ali & Associates is the story of hard work and dedication spanning over 70 years. The firm was founded by Mr. Talib Ali Shah (late), the scion of an illustrious family with well established legal and political roots.

Mr. Ali is recognized as one of the original leading lights in the area of intellectual property law and worked as an officer at the Trademarks Registry of Bombay, India before he was requested by the government newly formed Pakistan to emigrate and establish a Trademarks Registry in the new country. In his various capacities at the Trademarks Registry, Government of Pakistan Mr. Ali played an instrumental role in laying down the foundations of IP law.

In 1972, Mr. Ali was invited to Beijing by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) to aid in the development of IP law in the country and on his recommendations the Government of China reduced the classes in trademarks from 72 to 34 which was another landmark in the professional career of Mr. Ali.

Upon his retirement in 1972, Mr. Ali opted to enter private practice and was joined by his daughter, Mrs. Quratullain Adeni as the first Trademark Attorney of the firm and later on by his son, Mr. Syed Auqil Ali Shah and in 1980 by his grandson, Mr. Karimullah Adeni. The later set the high standards of professionalism, dedication and innovation, which continue to mold the character of Ali & Associates to this day.

The era of 1990 witnessed rapid business development of the firm, through the addition of new attorneys and a series of mergers with other firms. The biggest breakthrough came when Ali & Associates merged with the top Intellectual Property Litigant firm of Pakistan and Mr. Khurram Gul Ghory joined the firm. That series of developments established an enhanced value system.

That era also saw the merger of IP Services, a top notch Intellectual Property Search & Investigation firm of Pakistan, headed by Mr. Jamil Afghani, with Ali & Associates. Further improvement came with the joining of Mr. Mohiuddin Adeni, an acclaimed global branding strategist and Mr. Ali Kabir Shah, an expert in Media & Information Technology. By dint of all aforementioned progressive steps, Ali & Associates flourished, managed increase and strengthen its capabilities in intellectual property, complex litigation, corporate, and commercial laws.

From its humble beginnings, Ali & Associates has now become a multi-partner firm with over 25 lawyers and attorneys, operating out of Karachi, Lahore (Pakistan), Kabul (Afghanistan) and associate offices in Virginia (U.S.A.) and Ras-al-Khaimah (U.A.E.).

Ali & Associates has stayed true to its pioneering roots and continues to play an active role in the development of intellectual property law. The firms’ partners successfully lobbied for the introduction of IP law as a core subject in Pakistani universities. The firm has brought international recognition to Pakistani patent attorneys and its senior partner had the distinction of serving as the Founding President of the Pakistan Group of the Asian Patent Attorneys’ Association and as an International Vice President of the organization.

Our litigation team has had the privilege of representing clients in several landmark cases before the Supreme Court and High Courts of Pakistan. Today, the firm is actively involved in the implementation of TRIPS provisions in Pakistan and is also playing a pioneering role in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Afghanistan through the establishment of its Kabul office.