Seminar on menace of counterfeiting products

Published in Daily Times on July 28, 2011

KARACHI: Helpline Trust organised a seminar on Reshaping Pakistan's Industry - "Eliminating the Menace of Counterfeit Products' chaired by Justice (Retd) Saiduzzaman Siddiqui, Former Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chairman, The Law Foundation.

The objectives were to highlight the issues relating to the menace of counterfeit products and need to protect consumers against substandard, adulterated and counterfeit products and services. The seminar covered a range of topics relating to the consumer protection laws, promoting quality and standards and the role of Anti Counterfeit Labels in protecting consumers and enforcing these laws and standards.

In his opening remarks, Hamid Maker, Founder Trustee, Helpline Trust, highlighted the problems of counterfeit products and medicines and how the consumers were being cheated by glossy and misleading advertisements. Ali Kabir Shah, Partner, Ali & Associates, said that the Internet is a consumer's best friend and it allows consumers to be better informed, enhancing accessibility. He also said the online copyright violation and piracy is a global problem and Pakistan is the only country where many Internet Service Providers set up ftp servers dedicated to illegal downloads.

Muneer A Esmail, GM - Marketing Services, PSO stated that 25 percent of all oil cans in the markets are counterfeit and anti-counterfeiting measures taken by oil companies include: can design moulds, break off caps, seals, shrink wrapping, color coded seals, oil color changes, test labs and spot checking etc. He also stated that malfunctioning of the engine and health problems due to tailpipe emissions of harmful & sometimes carcinogenic pollutants.

Justice (Retd) Saiduzzaman Siddiqui highlighted the dangers and menace of counterfeit products and stressed the need for stronger and more effective laws and stronger action by the government agencies and departments. He stated that 'The Consumer Protection Law, Sindh, was signed by the Governor, Sindh, three times, but has lapsed, as it was never presented to the SA for ratification'. staff report.