Press Room

Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day in Collaboration with US Consulate-Karachi.

26 April 2017


Ali & Associates in collaboration with the US Consulate hosted a discussion on Intellectual Property Laws in both Pakistan and USA. Many people from different industries and head of markets were present for the event. Mr. Haris Bajwa, a specialist in IP, practicing law in the US was present and helped people from different industries, pharmaceuticals, textile, food industry etc. understand the protocol of registering trademarks and patents in the US and also how is differs from the law here in Pakistan. Also present was the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) associate Ameen Imam, who is helping Pakistan’s government work on and draft IP laws.

After the talk a question and answer session was held where a panel consisting of Mr. Haris Bajwa, Mr. Ameen Imam and Mr. Ali Kabir Shah, partner at Ali & Associates and specialist in Intellectual Property Law, sat and took questions from the audience regarding the current state of IP law and how Pakistan can amend and improve the current situation of IP laws.

This event primarily helped ease some problems entrepreneurs from Pakistan face while doing business in America with regards to registration and use of their already locally established brands.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Karimullah Adeni, Managing Partner of Ali & Associates, spoke about the significance of intellectual property (IP) in everyday life.