Social Media Executive

Location: Karachi - Pakistan

Job Duties

  • Oversees all company social media accounts management
  • Manage social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities like developing relevant content topics to reach the target customers. Create, curate and manage all published content (image, video and written)/content management
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic
  • Develops engaging, creative, innovative content for regularly scheduled posts, which enlighten audiences and promote brand-focused messages
  • Coordinates social media messaging with advertising departments, brand managers, and quarterly or seasonal company goals
  • Manages social media team members, including copywriters and other content creators, by overseeing their work and offering guidance or direction
  • Audits and analyses social media presences, including digital advertising costs and returns
  • Analyses social media campaigns with tracking systems to gather visitor data and determine efficacy and areas for social media campaign improvement
  • Works with other departments to develop social media timelines coinciding with new product releases, ad campaigns, or other brand messages
  • Monitors and develops reports on competitor activity within social media spaces
  • Compile reports for management showing results (ROI)
  • Become an advocate for the company in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate.
  • Displays in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms, their respective participants and how each platform can be deployed in different scenarios.


Skills and Qualifications

  • Preferably Business Graduate (Major Marketing)
  • Knowledge of Social Media Platforms
  • Web Proficiency
  • Computer Software Proficiency
  • Experience in Advertising, copyrighting, content creation, PR and brand marketing
  • Proofreading and Editing Skills
  • Creative & Passionate
  • Interpersonal Skills & Effective Team Player
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills